A Message from the Board of Directors

FWT Magazine page spread Do We Stay or Do We Go?The current coronavirus situation is affecting all of us, both as travelers and as travel writers. Members are wondering whether to cancel scheduled plans and what to say to their readers and followers. Our best advice is to stay calm and remain positive about the future of travel. Everyone has to make his or her best decisions based on personal risk factors and specific travel plans and destinations. There are no blatantly right or wrong answers right now — except to wash your hands!

Although there are many uncertainties about the direction this crisis may take, the bottom line is that "this too shall pass." And when it is over, our followers and tourism agencies will need us more than ever to guide them as travel plans emerge again. Now is the time to write, organize your photos, and explore possibilities for the future. It is also a good time to network with your fellow IFWTWA writers for support and ideas about future travel plans.

In this special edition of Food, Wine, Travel Magazine our writers address how the coronavirus is affecting them and you during this world-wide emergency. Wishing everyone the best as we deal with this challenging situation.

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