2017 Hospitality Education Scholarship Award

Jennifer Martinez

Young female hospitality scholarship studentEvery year, IFWTWA selects a promising student preparing for a career in the food, wine, travel or hostelry industries to receive the Hospitality Education Scholarship Award to assist with education expenses. The winner of the 2017 award is Jennifer Martinez. Jennifer came to IFWTWA’s attention via the Careers Through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP) in Los Angeles, California.

The culinary arts program at Pacifica High School and the Careers Through Culinary Arts Program have helped Jennifer find her voice, passion and career path. She has built confidence in her abilities, and she has found she is becoming a leader in the kitchen.

According to Lisa Fontanesi, program director at C-CAP, “Jennifer is a hard-working, kind, focused cook, who will make a great chef and C-CAP Alumna.”

Jennifer has completed the academic course requirements at Oxnard Community College required for a full-tuition C-CAP Scholarship to the Culinary Institute of America (CIA), which she will attend beginning in 2018. The IFWTWA award will assist Jennifer with expenses during her CIA enrollment.

One of the specific purposes of IFWTWA is to provide financial assistance for students preparing themselves for employment in the food, wine, travel and hostelry industries, and to provide funds to those educational organizations furthering the development and progress of those industries. The IFWTWA Hospitality Education Scholarship is designed to serve that purpose of the organization and serve the industries IFWTWA supports.