2020 Excellence in Journalism Award

Valerie Fortney Schneider Wins IFWTWA’s 2020 Excellence in Journalism Award

IFWTWA Member Valerie Fortney Schneider

Every year, IFWTWA Regular members submit their best work to the Excellence in Journalism Award competition. In 2020, there were more entries than ever before, making it a very competitive award year. Once again, the Excellence in Journalism Award competition showed the professionalism and high journalistic standards of IFWTWA members. But only one entry can rise to the top and receive the award.

Valerie Fortney Schneider is the winner of the 2020 Excellence in Journalism Award for her story “Chasing Glamour and Grit in Unforgettable Naples,” published in International Living in September 2020.

Valerie skillfully sets the scene in her opening sentence: “Glamorous and gritty, beautiful and brash, there is nothing shy about Naples.” Throughout the article, she combines rich descriptions with practical details for the traveler, making this both an entertaining read and a functional guide that whisks you into hidden corners of vibrant, in-your-face Naples.

Valerie resides in Italy and is a freelance journalist and the Italy correspondent for International Living. For those interested in reading “Chasing Glamour and Grit in Unforgettable Naples,” the article is available to International Living members.

Valerie’s award includes a $500 cash prize, an award certificate, and promotion via press release, social media and the IFWTWA website.

Beginning January 1, 2021, the Excellence in Journalism Award is open for entries from Regular IFWTWA members until October 31, 2021.

Please join me in congratulating Valerie on this remarkable achievement.

Valerie Fortney-Schneider returned to her roots in the southern Italy region of Basilicata where she is a freelance writer, professional genealogist and cappuccino addict. She selflessly samples local delicacies and tours hidden havens for the sake of writing. When not tapping away at her keyboard, she can be found sipping vino, participating in grape harvests, or shooting with breeze with her fellow paesani.

Valerie earned a degree in history from the University of New Mexico, and as a freelance writer combines her love of history with her extensive experience in the tourism industry to provide insightful, informative articles about life in Italy. (She has worked in the hospitality sector, and has past experience as a travel agent, as a corporate travel consultant, and travel agency marketing manager.)

She loves good food, especially regional cuisines, and the regional vintages that go with them.

Follow Valerie on Instagram @valerieinitaly