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The International Food Wine and Travel Writers Association (IFWTWA) is a 1981-era California mutual benefit not-for-profit corporation with a public charter to evaluate and improve the travel and hospitality industry. Our operations are loosely based on the activities of a 1950's era Parisian restaurant review group. Memberships span two general categories.

Regular Members: Travel Writers & Content Creators

Our regular members are a global network of storytelling content creators: travel journalists, photojournalists, podcasters, videographers, radio and television hosts who report on the travel and hospitality industry. Many specialize solely in one area of food, wine or travel reporting. Others pursue niches reporting on communications, historic, cultural or other specialty topical areas of interest to the public.

Associate Members: Hosts

Our associate members are also industry professionals. They run hotels, public relations firms, theme attractions, convention and visitor’s bureaus, destination management organizations, and tourism boards. They contribute the regional and local area knowledge and expertise so vital to fulfilling the mission of our Association. Associate and regular members partner with one another through Association conferences, media trips, and regional events to ensure the global coverage of the industry. 

Diverse Backgrounds Ensure Robust Reporting

Our members bring diverse backgrounds to the Association. Many bring lengthy professional experience in the culinary arts and sciences, the wine growing and production, hotel and hospitality management, and public relations disciplines. Others still among our regular members bring credentials with them from previous careers that enrich their perspective and skill sets and provide them with enormous insight that permeates their investigative reporting.

Strict Membership Standards

Regular membership requires applicants provide a universe of URL references or digital copies of stories that demonstrate the applicant is actively publishing about the industry for at least two years prior to submission of their applications. A book link with an ISBN for regular journalists or photographers may serve as a substitute at the discretion of our membership director.

We accept bloggers who write on the topic and have been blogging a minimum of six months and have a good following. We enforce a code of professional conduct and request members update their publication outlets annually with renewal.

Annual Conference

The association organizes conferences, regional meetings, and press/media trips with Associate Members and other destination management host professionals to provide our members with story opportunities, information, and contacts essential to a successful career in the food, wine, and travel journalism. Correspondingly, these events ensure our Associate member get the topical area coverage they need for destinations in areas of their responsibility. Since 2008, our annual conference has included professional training seminars. 

Member-Only Media Trips

We create press trips for our content creators throughout each year. You'll find summaries of these International and North American events.

These events stem from collaboration with our Associate members and other partners in convention and visitors bureaus, chambers of commerce, public relations agencies, and marketing and communications personnel of airlines, cruise lines, resorts, hotels, and restaurants. These trips facilitate story opportunities for our members and access for our hosts to working journalists with substantial outlets and mass circulation.

Our content creators must send clips of their stories to the hosts of our press trips and to the Association after a trip. This is an Association policy we oversee and enforce. We realize the importance for return on investment for our sponsors and stress our “no clips, no future trips,” policy to our content creators.