Female speaker at conference podium

We hold a professional development conference every 12-18 months in either North America or an International location. These events often include press trips, professional training, food and wine tastings, culinary events and attraction tours all rolled into one great event at the destination and the surrounding areas of our conference. 

2019 - Santa Fe, New Mexico ~ Join us in the Southwest!
2018 - Whidbey-Camano Islands ~ Washington Conference
2016 - San Diego, California

Benefits for Writers & Content Creators

Our conferences pose endless opportunities for our content creators to walk away with a notebook full of stories from any one of our many hosted mini-press tours. They enjoy a lifestyle usually reserved for only for the rich and famous.

  • They gain exclusive access to the backstories and notable figures driving local and regional topics relevant to our industry
  • They meet new people, explore new areas, get a chance to discover more about themselves and the world around them and, they’ll see places the typical tourist might miss
  • They meet speakers that are accessible and smart with much experience
  • They benefit from the work of our conference pros who team up with local experts. Together they bring a laser-sharp focus to hone in on and deliver exclusive and unique access to the latest and unique food, wine and destination travel experiences in the area.

Benefits for Hosts

Our conferences deliver one-stop shopping for our Associate and non-member hosts. We make it easy for them to find the right content creation specialists to craft stories about their venues.

We bridge the gap between our hosts and content creation specialists by setting up one-on-one sessions in a mini-travel marketplace for our hosts.

  • Hosts collaborate on stories with our content creators
  • Hosts keep track of multiple approaches to ensure there is no duplication of effort
  • Hosts arrange dining, lodging and other support for our content creators to help them gather evidence to craft the best travel stories tailored to the venue
  • Hosts collect a fistful of business cards from our content creators and know that for the cost of an annual membership and a flight to our conference, they’ve come up with a cadre of professional contacts that will make their job easier
  • Hosts who are Associate members can attend our webinars and conferences virtually on offer