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IFWTWA Big Blend Radio ~ Spring 2019

Introduce yourself, your brand or your organization on the radio.
Stand out as a subject matter expert.
A radio credit & podcast set you apart from other writers.
Represent our esteemed IFWTWA membership. 

All members in good standing are eligible to apply to be on the air live or create a podcast for one of the noteworthy Big Blend online radio programs. Opportunities include a 20-minute interview, participation in a panel of experts, or a 45-60 minute interview with publication in a Big Blend digital and interactive magazine.

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Overview of Big Blend Online Radio & Magazines

Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine

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  • Variety lifestyle magazine covering quality of life topics including music and the arts, food and drink, travel and leisure, home and garden, nature and environment, history and culture, family and lifestyle, business and career.

  • Publishes every quarter: February, May, August and November

  • What's it like to publish and talk about your article on Big Blend Radio? Listen in

  • World Radio Party - Friendly, conversation, talk-only (no editorial)

Big Blend Parks & Travel Magazine 

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  • Covers national and global travel, especially covering park destinations - all types of parks and their gateway communities. These park units include National Parks, State Parks, National Monuments, UNESCO Sites, Historic Parks & Sites, Heritage Areas & Historic Districts, National Seashores,  National Trails, Forests, Recreation Areas, etc. Also covers various travel styles - wilderness, food, history, camping, luxury, etc.

  • Publishes every quarter: January, April, July and October

  • Why choose a Parks & Travel radio show? Pick a destination and listen in: Canada, Ecuador, Florida, India, Zimbabwe

  • Can we just talk with no editorial in the magazine? Sure! Talk about Tourism Excellence, National Parks you've visited, or make your topic pitch to Big Blend
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