Digiprive Creating Trust in Digital Content

Can you afford to have your stories and photos stolen from your blog or elsewhere and posted on other sites across the world?

How do you prove you are the owner-author of what you create?

Online theft is and has been rampant on the Internet for decades. IFWTWA is very much aware of this trend and takes a proactive approach to helping members authenticate their identities and work in cyberspace by partnering with DigiProve.com

What do we get out of this arrangement? Free digital signature services to protect and prove that what we write and create is OURS before we put it on the Internet.

What do you get? A chance to protect your personal work — your blog, photos and stories — with a subscription to Digiprove services for up to 40% off their regular prices.

What does Digiprove get? Sunshine from all of us on social media and, subscriptions to their services.

This win-win situation is already paying big dividends for the Association. Digiprove blocked more the 100 attempts to steal your stories and photos from FWT magazine during the first four days it was in service on that site.

What is the Digiprove Service?

It’s a digital signature service using public-private key cryptography. A user signs his or her work using Digiprove tools. The hash or calculated value of the cryptographic signature of each file is irrefutable and non-reputable and stored on a third-party server, in this case, at Digiprove in Ireland. This arm’s-length relationship with a third party for authentication and non-repudiation is essential in cyberspace transactions.

Digiprove will help the Association and members personally to authenticate their work and their identities in cyberspace with a non-refutable audit trail in the event they ever need to validate their identities or work to third parties.

Benefits Span Three Areas

  1. FWT magazine
  2. Personal services for our members
  3. Projection of a substantially favorable leadership image of IFWTWA in the travel and hospitality industry

Benefits for FWT Magazine

  • Free “Corporate Light” membership
  • Installation of a plugin on the site that signs all content
  • Assistance (if required) in implementing on the site
  • We can configure individual authors as Copyright-holders of submitted content. The Association is the conduit. The member is the owner to rights.

Benefits for Members on FWT Magazine

  • Digiprove certification takes place for all published Posts
  • Authors can have their authorship documented and displayed in the relevant copyright notices
  • Includes Images as well as Text (normally a Premium feature)
  • Attempts to copy are prevented and logged (with IP address)
  • Can subscribe for dedicated Digiprove account at a discount`
  • Can choose licensing model (from approved list) for individual articles

Benefits for FWT/IFWTWA

  • Increases trust
  • Clarity of licensing arrangements with copyright notice.
  • Authors are made much more aware of Copyright and Plagiarism issues
  • Digiprove pays a 25% commission to the Association on paying sign-ups

Benefits to Member Bloggers

  • Installation of a plugin on their site that signs all content
  • Assistance (if required) in implementing plugin on the site
  • Copy protection: no one can right-click and copy or select and drag copy from their sites
  • Email notices of attempts to steal
  • Proof of everything they publish with copyright notices
  • Authentication of their publications (blog and social media) in cyberspace
  • Subscription up to 40% off regular prices ($32 for a professional membership or about $20 a month for 1 year)
  • Use of all tools on Digiprove website        

Benefits to Non-Blogger Members

  • Download of software (PC/MAC) so they can sign all they create locally before sending off to publishers / social media posts online
  • Subscription up to 40% off regular prices ($10 for an entry level membership or about $6 a month for 1 year)
  • Use of all tools on Digiprove website

Benefits to Photographer Members

  • Endless

Benefits to the Association

  • 25% Quarterly donation to Association on the back-end calculation of all subscriptions
  • Leadership. Projects IFWTWA as a thought leader and actual practitioner establishing end-to-end digital trust in cyberspace
  • IFWTWA will be the first organization to take this leadership role in the Travel and Hospitality industry

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If you end up loving it as much as we do, subscribe and take advantage of the up to 40% discount Digiprove confers on IFWTWA members.

The redemption code is IFWTWA_. Enter this code with the member number from your profile on the Digiprove site and you’re good to go!