Join with colleagues at any of our popular events—each presents members with networking to explore ideas, and experiential stories for content creators like you. IFWTWA also offers members participation in webinars, radio segments, and a variety of professional development opportunities.

  • Attend annual conferences and workshops and walk away with a notebook full of stories from any one of our many hosted mini-press tours at every conference.
  • At regional events you’ll gain exclusive access to the backstories and notable figures driving local and regional topics relevant to our industry.
  • Meet new people, explore new areas, get a chance to discover more about yourself and the world and, you’ll see places the typical tourist might miss.
  • During our webinars you’ll meet experienced speakers, share insights and exchange ideas with fellow members

Our volunteer leaders team up with local experts with a laser-sharp focus to hone in on and bring you exclusive and unique access to the latest, unique food, wine and destination travel and learning experiences.

IFWTWA is a not-for-profit mutual benefit corporation run by professionals who volunteer their time and expertise to bring our members networking and career enriching experiences in accordance with of our corporate objectives. 

Interested in Membership?

Find out if you qualify for membership—each application is vetted, reviewed and dispositioned by the Board of Directors. 

We welcome your membership and look forward to working with you to promote tourism in your region. 

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