Craft Wine Association Webinar


Cori Solomon


Nov 10 2021


5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Craft Wine Association

Please join Cori Solomon and David Nershi with our guest host, Bill Maile from the Craft Wine Association, along with winemaker Marilee Shaffer of Urban Legend Cellars in San Francisco, Lindsay Hoopes, CEO, Hoopes Family Vineyard in Napa, and Brett Ehlers, Winter at E2 Family Winery in Lodi.

Established in 2016, is a membership organization that helps the owners, vintners, and winemakers of small production wineries to increase the market for Craft Wine. The association certifies Craft Wineries and sponsors an online marketplace called NxtCrush that directly supports wineries who can sell their certified and distinctly American wine directly to consumers.

The Urban Legend Manifesto says Rules be damned. Listen to your palate. Not someone else’s. If you want to serve red wine with ahi, do it! If you prefer to aerate rather than decant, who are we to argue? If you like sipping white wine from a martini glass, be our guest. It’s your tastes that drive our choices – and why we’re so very meticulous about our craftsmanship. We’re doing something remarkable with wine here. We’re listening. Coming from a background of engineering and biotech, Steve & Marilee Shaffer decided to join forces and make wine that is true to the fruit and terroir through what they call simplicity and minimalism.

Second-generation owner proprietor Lindsay Hoopes leads Hoopes Family Vineyards. Lindsay, a homicide lawyer, turned winemaker after a family illness forced her to take over the reins in 2012. Hoopes utilizes regenerative agriculture and sustainability in their vineyards practices.

E2 Family Winery has a long history in Lodi and the wine business. It goes back to before prohibition. The family settled in the area in 1835, but it was not till 1921 that wine came into the picture. Now in their 4th generation, the Ehlers’ family continues in the footsteps their father and grandfather laid.

The webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, November 10th, at 5 PM PDT. To sign up, contact Cori Solomon at


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