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Food, Wine, Travel Magazine is the official publication of IFWTWA. Publishing in the magazine is open to IFWTWA members only. We welcome stories about anything and everything food, wine and travel related. We prefer stories told in first person. Join us and share your stories with our readers. 

  • Food, Wine, Travel Magazine – 2019 to present 
  • FWT Magazine – 2015 to 2017
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Thank you to our executive editors volunteers, John Lamkin (2015–Spring 2017), Beth Graham (Summer 2017–Winter 2017), and Chris Cutler (Summer 2019–present), for their vision and leadership in the publication of the official IFWTWA magazine. Gratitude is also extended to the assistant editors, design coordinators, and content creators––without your efforts and contributions, there would be no magazine to brag about!  

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