Hosting a Media Trip for IFWTWA

Host Benefits

You’re a travel and hospitality industry pro. You run a professional tourism agency, hotel, public relations firm, theme park, convention and visitor’s bureau, destination management organization, tourist board or other entity with a big footprint in your area.

You know your venue: your city, your region, your country. You know the personalities and businesses that make your destinations desirable. And you know which events and activities at your destinations will attract and drive traffic.

But how do you get the word out? And how do you break through the white noise of cyberspace to get out high quality thought-provoking stories for maximum market exposure at the lowest costs for your clients?

That’s where we come in. We bridge the gap between you and our content creation specialists. We make it easy for you to find the right pros to meet your needs.

IFWTWA promotes all hosted Media, FAM or Press trips via our established social media outreach via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin,, Travel4Press, Tripatini, and other online outlets.

All IFWTWA member applicants must formally agree to abide by the IFWTWA Code of Conduct as well as the Expectations of Conduct for Events and Media Trips. All participants are expected to take part in all activities. When an adventure activity is offered, it is nice if an alternative venue is available as an option. IFWTWA Media Trip participants utilize their brand's Twitter, Instagram, Insta Stories, Facebook, Facebook Live and Facebook Stories and the IFWTWA's Social Media Committee makes certain of continuous social media promotion by IFWTWA and its pages during the trip.

All participants are required to submit links to their articles as they are published and these links are added to our media placement summary for the trip. All participants are expected to use social media for promotion and to publish or broadcast a minimum of one article. IFWTWA dedicates a separate website page to your Itinerary & Registration and one to the trip results pages which links to member's articles. IFWTWA members share and promote colleague content weekly via social media #IFWTWA, #traveltuesday #winewednesday, #foodiefriday, and specifically assigned hashtags for the trip. We also work with Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine to promote our member's story content, and participants publishe in the IFWTWA FWT Magazine.  

Interested? What's Next? 

The host provides a tentative itinerary of what you wish to showcase and we present the itinerary on our website and invite our journalists to apply.  The host determines the length of the trip and the number of participants. The host also determines if any pre or post trips can be offered to their region. Some of our members are team writers and may share a room. 

The host covers transfers, tours, entry fees, lodging and meals. If there are any special services the host wants to highlight, like spa treatments or excursions, the host would also cover these, too. When full air or gateway air is included, there are more applicants for the host to choose from who they wish to participate.

Once we close the registration period, we provide the host with a summary of the applicants name, bio, work samples, website and other applicable information. The host determines which applicants to accept for the trip. Journalists who meet the host’s vetting are then notified of acceptance by IFWTWA.

In some instances members have been asked to purchase their own airfare, submit a copy of the reservation or ticket, and be reimbursed. We do charge our members a trip registration fee to cover administrative costs as we are a not-for-profit organization. Should participants not comply with any of the IFWTWA participation requirements, future applications will not be submitted for media trips.

Questions? Please contact our Media Trips Committee. 

Contact the Media Trips Committee


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