Hosting an IFWTWA Regional Event
 or 1-2 Day Press Trip

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Thank you for considering IFWTWA. Becoming an IFWTWA Regional Membership Coordinator (RMC) or host for an IFWTWA regional luncheon and/or 1-2 day press trip is an excellent choice for guaranteeing return-on-investment. IFWTWA instituted this regional program to allow members and local restaurants, lodging and activities an opportunity to interact with IFWTWA members.

Hosing a regional event is an excellent promotional vehicle for properties that cannot provide an airfare allowance or host larger groups or longer stays for journalists who live outside their area, but do want to promote their properties to active food, wine & travel writers. In this format, regional lunches or dinners are kept to 15 members / potential members, and 8 or less members for an overnight stay with complementary activities. A hotel, restaurant, or attraction can also team with their local visitors bureau or chamber of commerce for additional ideas and assistance, or vice versa. 


In addition to the event being promoted by IFWTWA, we promote the luncheon or press trip and participants on all our Social Media platforms, the IFWTWA Blog, and members post to their own online outlets. All event or press trip participants sign a contract agreeing they will abide by the IFWTWA Code of Conduct as well as the Expectations of Conduct for Events and Media Trips. Participants are expected to take part in all activities unless otherwise mutually agreed upon. When an adventure activity is offered, it is nice if an alternative venue is available as an option. 

All participants send the host a link to all media (print, online, radio, etc.) as it is published. All participants are expected to publish and promote the hosts and region via social media. Most writers publish or broadcast more than one article. We also maintain a media placements summary page on our website which demonstrates return on investment. IFWTWA and our members have an established network of followers and members promote each other's work via social media. IFWTWA also publishes our own Food Wine Travel Magazine and regularly broadcasts on, and publishes in Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine.  

You do not have to be an IFWTWA Associate Member to be a host, however, association membership does bring you additional and ongoing opportunities. 


Host or member contacts IFWTWA expressing interest in this program. Hosts range from a particular restaurant or venue, Public Relations (PR) firm, Tourism or Convention Board (CVBs) or Chamber of Commerce. The host provides a tentative menu and/or itinerary of what they wish to showcase. The host determines number of participants, type of event or length of press trip they want to sponsor and suggests any desired story angles. The host/s covers tours, entry fees, lodging and meals. If there are any special services the host wants covered, like spa treatments, they would also cover those. Room sharing, tips and other details are negotiable. 

The IFWTWA RMC sends an invitation to all local members and potential member guests (prospects). Members express interest and complete an on-line application. Once we have the registrations, we provide the host with a spreadsheet that shows the name and contact information, outlet, and profile link for each applicant. The host has the right to determine which applicants to accept for the event, or the RMC can do this if desired. Journalists who meet the host’s vetting are then notified of acceptance by the RMC. As IFWTWA is a nonprofit, we may charge our members a small registration fee that helps cover operating expenses. 

An IFWTWA RMC or Board Member always accompanies the group as event or tour leader.

The IFWTWA is very proud of its members. We pride ourselves on our membership vetting process, networking opportunities, and the stellar work our members produce. Judge for yourself on Our Members and Media Trip Summaries pages. 

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