IFWTWA Media Trip

"Ahlan wa Sahlan fi al Urdun!" - Welcome to Jordan!

October 5-16, 2022

Jordan is an extraordinary destination. It is a popular destination for travelers worldwide. On this IFWTWA press trip up to eight members will travel to Jordan to experience the timeless landscapes and archaeological treasures that they read about in the pages of glossy magazines and online articles. Apply now to explore celebrated cities and sacred sites that have resonated throughout history, and learn about the culture—and the conflicts—that continue to shape this fascinating land.

You could be the one selected for a journey of a lifetime where you will visit sites such as the rose-red rock city of Petra, and Wadi Rum, the “vast, echoing and endearing desert, a backdrop for many Hollywood movies and the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth and the world’s largest open-air spa. Indulge your senses in authentic culinary delights, wine tasting & cooking experiences. Your trip will be led by a full time host with local experts who bring depth and insight to your experience.

The qualification process comes in two parts. The first requires an online application found on the IFWTWA website. Please read all the rules and guidelines prior to submitting your application. Incomplete applications and IFWTWA profiles will not be reviewed. Your must have a valid passport and you will need to obtain a visa that the Jordan Tourism Board North America (JTBNA) will assist you in obtaining.

Applications are due June 15, 2022. Your application will be reviewed by the Media Trips Committee by June 30 based on the application you fill out and an up-to-date profile. Qualified candidate’s applications will then be sent on to (step two) the Jordan Tourism Board on July 5, 2022 for final selection. All candidates will be notified of trip acceptance on or about mid-August.

If you are selected for this media trip, the fee will be $100. This money goes directly to support the income goals of this organization. No money goes to the host or IFWTWA coordinators. Activity and restaurant tips are generally paid for by the host, however, you may want to bring additional money to tip other entities such as the hotel maid service and guides.

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