DIGIPROVE Creating Trust in Digital Content

The International Food, Wine & Travel Writers Association is proud to announce DIGIPROVE as an official sponsor. Online theft of photos and stories is a constant threat to writers and artists. Internet scammers threaten and try to extort users into paying fees for alleged copyright violations. Digiprove protects the theft of stories and photos published by our journalists on our flagship publication, Food, Wine & Travel Magazine.


IFWTWA is very much aware of this threat and takes the lead among industry Associations with a unique proactive approach to protect the work of our members. Thanks to our exclusive arrangement with Digiprove, all member stories on Food, Wine & Travel Magazine are signed with one-time irrefutable cryptographic signatures conferring copyright protections on member stories and photos. The proof is stored on Digiprove's servers as third-party authentication.

But, our deal with Digiprove doesn’t stop at protecting works published in Food Wine & Travel Magazine. We have an exclusive arrangement with Digiprove to provide services to ensure the personal protection of our members in cyberspace — at a significant discount.

Digiprove services are available to the public. You can learn more by clicking on the button below. Better yet, if you’re qualified, sign up to become an IFWTWA member and get our exclusive discount.

DIGIPROVE — Creating Trust In Digital Content

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