Congratulations Kristin Henning! IFWTWA's 2018 Excellence in Journalism Winner

IFWTWA Excellence in Journalism logoEvery year, IFWTWA members enter their best work for the Excellence in Journalism Award competition. Many entries prove our IFWTWA members have what it takes to excel in the food, wine and travel writing fields but only one entry rises to the top.

Kristin HenningPlease join us in congratulating Kristin Henning, winner of the 2018 Excellence in Journalism Award for her story "Finding Your Rhythm on the Camino de Santiago" published at Travel Past 50. "Finding Your Rhythm" virtually puts the reader on the road with Kristin. The story is not only rich in its descriptions of the experience but also explores the question of what might motivate one to take on the popular pilgrimage. The story goes beyond mere place to plumb the depths of what makes walking the Camino a transformative experience. Kristin’s award includes a $500 cash prize, an award certificate, and promotion via IFWTWA news, social media and website. 

Kristin’s background includes a 30-year career in publishing. After she left that career, she and her husband set out on a journey to see the world. Walking Spain’s Camino de Santiago was one of their many adventures. 

Their website,, tells the stories of their travels. In addition to writing for her travel blog, Kristin is a freelance writer and a regular contributor to radio and podcasts.

Tom & Kris Henning on Camino de Santiago

Kristin Henning avatarKristin Henning

After a 30-year career in publishing, Kris–along with her husband and business partner Tom Bartel–shed the last publication, the big family house, and most of their possessions. In 2010, they gave their dog to their daughter and set out on a journey to see the world. The blog combines Kris and Tom’s love of culture and passion for the outdoors. Their travels vary between long stays in such cultural cities as London, Barcelona, Rome, and Beijing, detours to UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and spurts of hiking or biking in Europe, Australia, Asia, or the United States National Parks. 

Even before taking to the road full time, Kris and Tom were students of the world. They’ve spent months in London going to the theater, a summer in Rome studying Latin, three months in Florence studying art history, and have visited nearly every major museum and church in Europe. They’ve lived in Madrid and Quito while teaching English, and earned their keep housesitting in Spain, Chile, and elsewhere.

Kris and Tom bring their considerable experience as professional writers and photographers, publishers and marketers, to Travel Past 50. It’s only natural, professionally and personally, that they enjoy sharing their personal travel stories. They love offering travel tips to their followers and work hard to support their clients’ content and marketing needs.

Since 2010, they've visited over 65 countries on 6 continents. Tom specializes in photographing churches and landscapes. Kris is good at striking up conversations at gas stations or diners. In addition to writing for, she’s a freelance writer and a regular contributor to radio and podcasts. Their work has appeared in National Geographic Books, Outside Magazine, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, and other online and print publications.

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