Meet Marie-Annick Courtier, a book author, culinary coach & IFWTWA member

Marie-Annick Courtier is a native of Paris, France, a Wellness and Culinary coach, an author and Sommelier. A member of IFWTWA since 2016, Marie shares with us her inspiration for writing books, and her passion for healthy eating and coaching others. She has authored an impressive number of books, 13 to be exact. We are so pleased to have her share her insights with us and hope you enjoy getting to know Marie as much as we have. Image: Marie (center) surrounded by IFWTWA friends,

Marie-Annick Courtier, healthy eating and lifestyle coach

In Marie's words... Concerned with the sufferance I witnessed in this country due to unhealthy eating habits, in early 2000, I decided to start a business that would promote scientifically sound nutrition and healthy lifestyle. It was a niche for sure and little did I know, how quickly my business would take off. Many of my clients had allergies, serious health issues, or simply wanted to be healthy. After a couple of years of positively changing lives, many of my clients urged me to share my knowledge and recipes.

I started writing, researching, and testing more recipes. A few months passed, before I felt ready to find a publisher. I sent my manuscript to a few publishing houses which they turned down. Not giving up, I continued to apply to more specific houses that would specialize in my field of interest. Finally, Hatherleigh Press, expressed interest in my work. I was told a world-class scientist was looking for a chef to co-author a book with him. Combining his latest nutrition findings and my culinary expertise, The Saint-Tropez Diet was published in 2005. It became a best seller and my name continued to grow in the health and culinary industries. In fact, my publisher became more open to publish my own work. The Cooking Well Series was then born.

Marie-Annick Courtier, Sommerlier

Along with scientific based nutrition information and specific nutrient-rich-recipes, my books quickly helped those suffering from various disorders. People also discovered that there are many enjoyable ways to prepare healthy meals while providing a variety of health benefits to the body and mind. My favorite of all my 13 books to this day is still “Cooking Well: Mediterranean” as I feel it provides the best-possible diet out there that can help to guard one’s health and preventing the onset of many diseases. My family and I have embraced it for years. We have no doubt that the Mediterranean diet, along with exercising, are the reasons for our good physical and mental health to this day. I encourage you to check out “Cooking Well: Mediterranean

Marie-Annick Courtier, AuthorI also invite you to also consider my following books on Amazon or Goodreads

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Marie-Annick Courtier

Marie-Annick Courtier ~ Marie is a healthy eating & lifestyle coach, consultant and book author. She has created a “Healthy Chef Program” and works with the fitness, health and culinary industries. She specializes in helping those suffering from specific diseases, such as thyroid, prostate, multiple sclerosis and many other afflictions. She co-authored The Saint-Tropez Diet, at one time was a chef and has authored an impressive 13 books.  She also has achieved Ecole du Vin de France-Viticulture and Oenology WSET-Level 2 Wines and Spirits. Marie is French-born and resides here in Southern California with her family.  To learn more visit her website Marie Annick.



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