5 Things I Can't Travel Without

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Open suitcase with camera, notebook, hat & other essentials

We travel addicts covet the items that make our lives easier. These are a few of my favorite things!

#1 – Goplus Carry-on LuggageGoplus Carry-on Hard-Shell Purple Suitcase

Hard-Shell Suitcase: When I started traveling, I made the mistake of purchasing a cheap, soft-sided suitcase. Fast forward about 6 months and I found myself with a worn, ripped, and battered skeleton of luggage.

Do yourself a favor and invest in a strong hard-shell suitcase (preferably one that spins). It will save you plenty of worry; take it from someone who realized that her passport was falling out of a torn pocket.

Travelon Messenger Bag – #2 – Travelon Messenger Bag

“Steal-Proof” Purse: You can never be too careful when trekking around foreign countries. Thieves are constantly on the lookout for easy targets. Why not make it a thousand times more difficult for them to get a hold of your belongings? I fell in love with this purse’s slim profile, roomy interior, and safety features. Cable-woven strap? Yep. External and internal locks? Definitely. Slash-resistant body? That too.

It has also come in handy for casual outings where security was questionable (think concerts, street fairs, and theme parks). You’ll have much more fun knowing that your wallet and passport are safe.

Ceptics Travel Adapter – Type C #3 – Ceptics Travel Adapter – Type C

Travel Adapter(s): I found out the hard way that France, Germany, Portugal, and Hungary all have different outlet configurations. Don’t let that be you; packing an adapter is essential.

Professional tip: test it out before you leave and bring a few in the case that it fails (and it will). Also, educate yourself on voltage conversions; your hair blow-drying session could end in blowing a fuse. Besides potentially having to pay a hefty repair fee, it’s embarrassing to be yelled at in a language that you don’t understand.

Nike Revolution 3 sneaker in black

#4 – Nike Revolution 3 Sneakers

Quality Sneakers: Americans are not accustomed to walking several miles per day. Whose idea was it to sprint up the Fisherman Bastion’s stairs? Certainly not mine. In example, a solid pair of shoes is important. I am not one to endorse certain brands. That is, until I found the perfect pair of Nike sneakers.

Choose a pair that will stand up to the seasons (humid summer, rainy spring, blustery fall, and snowy winter). Light and supportive shoes are a godsend!

Nikon P310 Camera#5 – Nikon P310 Camera

Compact Camera: I always have my iPhone with me. No, it does not take superior photos than my Nikon camera. Trying to decide between bringing your DSLR and your point-and-shoot camera? Imagine walking around the city for several hours with that behemoth hanging from your neck. Translation: not fun at all. Research features that are most important to you.

I needed one that performed well in low light, had a fast shutter speed, and was relatively rugged. Whether you are a Canon or a Nikon fan, you’ll want to capture those priceless moments with something other than your phone. 

This post was originally published on The Traveling Editor. All Rights Reserved.  

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