International Media Trip Summaries

Alikes Beach Thatched Umbrellas, Greece

IFWTWA offers our travel-writer content-creator regular members media and press trips each year.  These events span various North American and International locations and occur about six times per year. 

Members submit their applications for vetting by Association media trip committees. Ultimately, it's the destination hosts who decide which member to accept for a given trip.

Our media trip committees work closely with our Associate members and other destination management hosts to craft visits designed to give our content creators maximum exposure to notable food, wine and travel activities and topics.

Following are media placements resulting from International trips spanning 2016 through 2018:


2018: Halkidiki, Greece

2017: Halkidiki, Greece

2016: Loutraki, Greece

2016: Xylokastro, Greece

2016: Dorida, Greece

2016: Arachova, Greece

2016: Thiva, Greece

2016: Athens, Greece

2016: Aigio, Greece

2016: Korinthos, Greece



2017: Jordan

2016: Jordan


European River Cruises

2016: Rhine River Cruise

2016: Viking River Cruise