Top Eight Reasons for Travel Writers, Photojournalists, Food & Wine Content Creators to Join IFWTWA

You want to show the world what you can do.
We show you pathways to success.

Reason #1: Grow at our Conferences

Join with colleagues at one of our popular annual conferences and walk away with a notebook full of stories from any one of our many hosted mini-press tours at every conference. It’s apex living and work for content creators like you.

  • You’ll gain exclusive access to the backstories and notable figures driving local and regional topics relevant to our industry
  • You’ll meet new people, explore new areas, get a chance to discover more about yourself and the world and, you’ll see places the typical tourist might miss
  • You'll meet speakers that are accessible, smart with lots of experience
  • Our conference pros team up with local experts with a laser-sharp focus to hone in on and bring you exclusive and unique access to the latest and unique food, wine and destination travel experiences

Reason #2: Discover Stories on Media Trips

We host small group media trips throughout each year. From culinary tours in Jordan, cultural tours in Greece, the thunderous beach culture of the Outer Banks in North Carolina, to a gathering to explore the rustic and historic New England culture of Vermont, you’ll find our press trips offer something for writers with the broadest range of interests.

  • You’ll travel in select company with your colleagues — colleague content creators in the industry
  • You’ll network, pick up contacts, and learn from your colleagues
  • You’ll stand out among your colleagues: competition is keen. We select only 5 to 7 writers per trip out of the dozens who apply. 

Reason #3: Present Your Stories to the World

Publish your stories with us. Our flagship Association publication Food, Wine, and Travel Magazine is our online worldwide consumer magazine and gateway that presents the travel experiences of our members. This site gets 16,000-page views a month.

  • You'll become known as a travel writer or other content creator specialist in the industry
  • You'll get your name out in the travel and hospitality industry circles
  • You'll claim bragging rights about having the coolest job where you get your stories out for all the world to see

You’ll need to send your best work to our editors to show them you’re up to the challenge. Publication of your stories is not a guarantee. But if you do the hard work of crafting great stories, we can help you get them out on the world stage.

Reason #4: Network with Colleagues Daily

What good is joining an Association if you can’t associate with anyone? We’ve got you covered.

Our Association membership website (unveiled in the Fall of 2018) is jam-packed with social community features you’ll just love. You won’t need Facebook. Our site is for members only.

  • Want to set up and network with a group about just one topic? You can. Set up a “circle” of like-minded members and collaborate on ideas to your heart’s desire at all hours of the day and night
  • Want to chat with colleagues while on the run? No problem. We can set you up with an Email list so you can message one another at will
  • Do you need help with digital photography or videography? Create or join discussion a forum.

Reason #5: Grow Your Brand on Social Media

Our members are all over the ‘net. Every week of the year, they share and republish social media posts with one another. It’s easy to join in.

Join our private Facebook group where you can ask questions, share travel plans, and collaborate on social media posts, and more. Every week we promote members by posts on:

  • Magazine Monday
  • Travel Tuesday
  • Wine Wednesday
  • Instagram Thursday
  • Foodie Friday

When you network with our members on social media, your stories will carry across the Internet, and your followers will grow like magic. 

You’ll also gain access to our private Facebook group where you can ask questions, share travel plans, and collaborate on social media posts, and more. Many members tell us this group is worth the entire cost of membership!

Reason #6: Get On-the-Air with Big Blend Radio

Sometimes being on the Internet is just isn’t enough. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine to give you the extra exposure you need across the global airwaves.

Live radio segments and podcasts will set you apart as an industry subject matter expert. As a member in good standing, you can apply to get your own radio credit. Opportunities include a personal interview, participation on a panel of experts, editorial and interview published in one of Big Blend's online magazines or other upcoming promotional programs.

Reason #7: Volunteer Your Way to Industry Visibility

We’re a volunteer-run organization. Whatever gets done, gets done by volunteers who contribute their time and talent making our Association the resource-rich organization it is for the travel and hospitality industry. Many of our members would not be known in the industry were it not for their visible roles promoting the interests of our members through volunteer work for the Association. There’s much you can do to help out. And by so doing, you’ll become known in the Association, online, and grow your professional network.

We need volunteers to:

  • Imagine, shape and run regional events
  • Help out at conferences
  • Research and collect information
  • Work as copywriters for our BlogPRESS PASS Newsletter
  • Work as editors
  • Mentor new writers
  • Assemble and deliver webinar training
  • Organize press trips
  • Bring a new or unique skill set or perspective to further Association goals
  • Grow our membership base

Reason #8: We Help Protect You Online

Online theft of photos and stories is a constant threat to writers and artists. Internet scammers threaten and try to extort users into paying fees for alleged copyright violations.

We are very much aware of this threat and take the lead among industry Associations with a unique proactive approach to protect the work of our members online. Thanks to our exclusive arrangement with Digiprove, all member stories in Food Wine and Travel Magazine are signed with one-time irrefutable cryptographic signatures conferring copyright protections on member stories and photos. The proof is stored on Digiprove’s servers as third-party authentication.

But our deal with Digiprove doesn’t stop at protecting your works on Food Wine and Travel. We have an exclusive arrangement with Digiprove to provide services to ensure the personal protection of our members in cyberspace — at a deep discount. If you run a blog, you can get the same tools we use to protect your work on Food Wine and Travel. And if you write for publications, you can get tools to secure all of your stories and photos before you put them online.

We Don’t Just Talk: We Do

When you think about it, we just don’t talk about helping you live the content creators life. We open the doors to help you live it.

When you join us, you’re not signing up to be an invisible, numerical cog in an Association wheel in cyberspace. You’re joining a unique group of specialists who work together to evaluate and improve the travel and hospitality industry. The mission of our California mutual benefit not-for-profit corporation is to advance the interests of the industry and to project a substantially favorable image.

Yes, you have every reason to join and no reason not to do so if you want to be a success. Membership in IFWTWA means you contribute your time, talents, and ideas to help us make our Association a best-in-class experience.

Are you up to the challenge? 

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