MedJet Assist Card

Medjet Overview

“Medjet is a membership program. Unlike an insurance company or platinum card service, there are no deductibles, no claim forms and no monetary caps on air medical transport costs. And for travelers under age 75, there are no medical questions or preexisting condition clauses. Members don’t need to have a transfer deemed “medically necessary.” Medjet memberships provide travelers with unrivaled control over their health and safety.”

Medjet Membership Benefits

“MEDJETASSIST MEMBERSHIP – is your most reliable and affordable path back to the care of the doctors you trust, where your family members can be by your side. If you are hospitalized 150 miles or more from home, Medjet will arrange air medical transport back to a hospital of choice in your home country — regardless of medical necessity — and at no cost besides your membership fee.”

“MEDJETHORIZON MEMBERSHIP – Your health, your safety, your sense of security — it’s all here with MedjetHorizon. In addition to all the benefits of a MedjetAssist membership, MedjetHorizon members can call when they feel threatened or in danger while traveling for situations involving: Terrorism, Natural Disaster, Political Threat, Pandemic, Disappearance of Persons, Blackmail and Extortion, Violent Crime Hijacking, Wrongful Detention, and Kidnapping for Ransom.”

Enroll to Receive IFWTWA Discounts

Learn more and enroll in MEDJET’s membership program, or call Medjet at 1.800.527.7478, referring to IFWTWA. You must enroll and fund your protection in advance of travel.

Did you know....

Did you know, a person almost always voids insurance coverage if they’re inebriated in any way—basically if you’re drunk and get hurt, you’re not covered.

As destination wine tours become an increasingly more popular way to vacation, [are often included in many IFWTWA press trips, and are activities and events many of our members attend while traveling] we thought a reminder couldn’t hurt. While we truly don’t want to get in the way of anyone’s good time, this nuanced angle travel insurance companies use to get out of covering people is something the Consumers Advocate team finds a little frustrating—’we just want to get the word out.'”

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