Corinthian Riviera Media Trip
Anachova, Greece
September 2016

 Colorful photo collage of Arachova Greece attractions

If you are going to Arachova, you are also likely going to visit the great ancient monuments of Delphi. Delphi is magnificent and the museum is a do-not-miss. Arachova’s iconic landmark is the four-faced clock tower and the town sits on a series of cliffs. The famous Formaella cheese can only be called Formaella if made here in Arachova. An exceptional chocolate and candy shop called Papasthanis makes an indulgent chocolate ganache dipped in a dark chocolate coating as well as other treats. People here love good food as we topped off our evening with an extravagant seafood dinner in Antikyra prepared by the owner/chef.

Various Hosts


Writers in Attendance:

Stacie Haight Connerty
David L. Drotar
Athena Lucero
Amelia Old
Jen Reyneri
Kurt Winner
Michelle Winner



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