Culinary Interpretation of Puerto Vallarta
Pre-Conference Press Trip
November 2016

IFWTWA Journalists Dining in Puerto Vallarta 2016

The Puerto Vallarta Pre-Conference Press Trip was an unparalleled opportunity for professional journalists to experience the city’s natural beauty, culture, and cutting-edge culinary scene, with access to Raicilla Distilleries, and an unprecedented preview of its Gourmet Festival and Ceviche and Aguachile Festival! Gustavo Rivas-Solis of Latitude created and shared Puerto Vallarta’s endemic dishes, artisan spirits, seasonal offerings and pioneers in an exceptional experience.

Host: Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board; Latitude

Writers in Attendance:

Robin Dohrn-Simpson
Andrew Harris
Michael Higgins
Linda Kissam
Hilarie Larson
Linda Milks
Jolie Pink
Lisa Richardson
Linda Stewart 


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Radio Executive Chef Thierry Blouet, Cafe des Artistes, Puerto Vallarta
Radio Tequila Sommelier Audrey Formisano, Marriott Resort CasaMagna, Puerto Vallarta
Radio Curator and Founder, Vallarta Botanical Garden, Jardin Botanico De Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta

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