“As Fresh As It Gets”
San Mateo, California - USA
September 2016

IFWTWA Journalists Group Photo 2 men 6 women

Why IFWTWA journalists are raving about San Mateo County, a unique destination adjacent to San Francisco. 
  • SEASHORES: Thirty miles of coastline on San Francisco Bay and 60 miles of Pacific Coastside communities
  • SCENIC BEAUTY: Beaches, hiking trails, redwoods, reservoirs, lagoons = 72% open spaces
  • SAN FRANCISCO: Just a quick mass transit ride or car trip away
  • WINERIES: Some with vineyards, others in walkable urban areas
  • SUNSHINE: Moderate climate and sunshine are exactly what visitors to the Bay Area want
  • SAFETY: San Mateo County is the safest large county in California
  • SEAFOOD: “As Fresh as it Gets” produce, gourmet goat cheeses, wine, and beer 
  • STANFORD: University campus, sporting events and shopping center
  • SILICON VALLEY: San Mateo County is at the heart of innovation in Silicon Valley

 Host: San Mateo County/Silicon Valley CVB

Writers in Attendance: 

Ronnie Greenberg
Joseph Hilbers
Mary Lansing
Hilarie Larson
Lisa Richardson
Kathleen Walls


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A Wine Walk in San Carlos, California. #WineWednesday

Jolt Your Senses: 72 Hours in San Mateo County

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