Birmingham, Alabama - USA Media Trip

September 2017

Pure Birmingham: Purely Eccentric

Scenic beauty, compelling history, fascinating attractions and white tablecloth dining set the scene for a city experience beyond the guidebook. Our IFWTWA member journalists loved encounters with memorably unusual, downright strange, out-of-the-ordinary, very-Birmingham places.

IFWTWA thanks our members’ hosts and local tourism for coordinating their stay. All opinions expressed are the individual writer’s and not those of or influenced by IFWTWA.

IFWTWA Journalists in Birmingham Alabama in 2017
IFWTWA Journalists in Birmingham, Alabama - 2017

IFWTWA Writers in Attendance:

  • Linda Milks
Joy Steinburg
  • Chrissy Taylor
  • Christine Tibbetts
  • Kathleen Walls

  • Penny Weiss

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