Halkidiki, Greece 2017 Stress Free Media Trips

Because of her many years in the industry, IFWTWA member, Sofia Bournatzi of PASS PARTOUT Tourism Marketing, always has suggestions for media trips to the destinations or resorts providing complimentary accommodations. Sofia also brings together Halkidiki hospitality with IFWTWA journalists to create FAM trips of a different kind: stress-free.

Halkidiki, Greece welcomes journalists and their partners to visit its world-famous pristine beaches, pine forests, and natural beauty. Hosted at participating hotels, restaurants and more, journalists decide for themselves how to spend their days. Whether touring around the peninsulas, venturing up forested peaks, relaxing on white sand beaches, swimming in crystal blue waters, or enjoying culinary delights made from local produce, Northern Greece is yours to discover.


IFWTWA thanks our host for coordinating our stay.

All opinions expressed are those of the the individual writer and not influenced by IFWTWA.

Peaceful Halkidiki Beaches
Peaceful Halkidiki Greece Beach

Writers in Attendance:

  • Lara Dunning
  • Francesca Mazurkiewicz
  • Marc d’Entremont

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