Jordan Culinary and Cultural Tour

October 2017

A beautiful country in so many surprising ways, Jordan offers an unexpected welcome to visitors from all over the world. The connection to ancient times and wonders beyond our understanding is reason alone to visit–the warmth of her people reason to return.

From Nabataeans and the Romans to Moses and Jesus, from Lawrence of Arabia to Red Sea diving and Dead Sea spas, Jordan offers many amazing experiences. This Middle Eastern country stands alone amidst surrounding chaos, but who would know? Our journalists do and you will too when you visit. Jordan’s secrets inch up through the earth’s surface aching to be uncovered, and her natural wonders are links to ancient times that feed the soul. 

For the second year in a row, Jordan Tourism Board, North America (JTBNA) invited IFWTWA journalists to experience an extraordinary culinary and cultural tour of Jordan. Participants rank this tour in their top 5 travel destinations. IFWTWA is pleased to share our stories of safe, friendly, inspiring and yes, jaw-dropping Jordan.

IFWTWA thanks our host for coordinating our stay.

All opinions expressed are those of the the individual writer and not influenced by IFWTWA.

IFWTWA 2017 Writers and Journalists on an International Media Trip to Jordan
IFWTWA 2017 International Media Trip to Jordan

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Sunrise Camels Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Willoughby
Sunrise Camels - Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Willoughby

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