Richmond Dumpling Trail
British Columbia, Canada
March 2017

Spicy Dumpling Trail Meal in a Dish

…dumplings of Asia in one conveniently-sized West Coast destination

Visit Richmond B.C. invited four IFWTWA writers to experience their Dumpling Trail located in Richmond, British Columbia in early spring 2017. For two taste-filled days, we tried dumplings of all kinds, shapes, and sizes. Think crispy, chewy, pot-sticking, pan fried, deep fried, stuffed with soup, stuffed with meats, and everything in between kind of dumplings. We tried five of the 20 diverse restaurants on this trail, tasting all the dumplings of Asia in one conveniently-sized West Coast destination.

Host: Tourism Richmond

Four plates of delicious dumplings 

Writers in Attendance:

Allen Cox
Beth Graham
Linda Kissam
Paula Schuck


The Richmond BD Dumpling Trail by Linda Kissam
The Richmond Dumpling Trail
 by Susan Montgomery
Vancouver Airport Marriott Hotel Richmond, BC by Paula Schuck
Visit Richmond BC and Your Tastebuds Will Thank You by Paula Schuck
Explore The Delicious Dumpling Trail in Richmond, BC by Paula Schuck
Experiencing the Dumpling Trail of Richmond, B.C.  by Linda Kissam (pg. 54+)
The Dumpling Trail of Richmond, BC Podcast by Linda Kissam

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