2018 IFWTWA Conference Highlights

The Whidbey Island community warmly greeted the attendees of the 2018 IFWTWA Professional Development Conference, which took place May 6 to 9. At the Camp Casey Conference Center, a former historic army post, members enjoyed informative presentations and workshops, and a Tourism Marketplace. Delicious food and drink were in abundance and showcased the Whidbey’s Island cornucopia from land and sea. Participants enjoyed the scenery of the island and had an opportunity to visit merchant shops on a grand tour of the island, which included a “Key to the City” of Langley.

IFWTWA extends its sincere appreciation to the following people, organizations, and businesses for supporting our Conference:

2018 IFWTWA Conference Chair Allen Cox

Conference Chair Allen Cox

Conference Committee:

Sherrye Wyatt IFWTWA 2018 Host

Erin James, Author/Editor
SIP NW Magazine & Cidercraft Magazine

Georgie Smith, Willowood Farm
Vincent Nattress, Orchard Kitchen
Tyler Hansen, The Oystercatcher
Jessica Hart, 3 Sisters Farm & 3 Sisters Market

Workshop Presenters:

Barbara Marrett and Shannon Borg:


Tourism Marketplace

Vickie Ashford

Vickie Ashford

Writers in Attendance:

Linda Kissam
Allan Kissam
Nancy Mueller
Lori A May
Lara Dunning
Kris Grant
Dennis Littley
Linda Stewart
Andrew Harris
Jacqui Gibson
Sue Frause
Tamara Muldoon
Carrie Uffindell
Nancy Zaffaro
Edward Quan
Suzanne Bair

Tom Talleur
Susan Montgomery
Heather Larson
Mary Kay Seales
Todd Montgomery
Debbra Dunning-Brouillette
Janice Nieder
Mary Lancing-Farah
Christine Salins
Lorena Lopez
Priscilla Willis
Tamara Belgard
Lisa Ross
Edward Young
Michelle Williamson
Valerie Rogers

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