Cajun & Beyond Media Trip
Lafayette, Louisiana - USA 
October 31 – November 4, 2018

Four Tabasco Sauce Bottles 

Host: Lafayette Convention & Visitors Commission


IFWTWA Writers in Attendance:

Liz Mays

Elaine Masters

Chrissy Taylor

Linda Kissam

Linda Milks

Kathleen Walls 
Mary Chong

Cat Lin
FWTWA Journalists standing next to giant bottles of Tabasco

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Chong, Mary. Food Wine Travel Magazine, December 19, 2018
with Liz Mays, Linda Kissam, Kathleen Walls, Linda Milks, Cat Lin & Elaine Masters
"Favorite Discoveries in Travel from Lafayette, Louisiana"
Traveling is all about discoveries, whether it involves learning something new about a culture, eating a unique food item you've never tasted before, meeting new people, or discovering something new about yourself through the journey. 

Walls, Kathleen. World Footprints, November 28, 2018
"Cajun Culture in Lafayette Parish" 
In Southern Louisiana, French Canadian migrants settled and intermingled with the existing community to create a unique ethnic group, the Cajuns, whose culture continues to thrive today. Visitors can learn more about the Cajuns through a visit to Lafayette Parish, where they can explore their history, customs, music and food.

Walls, Kathleen. American Roads and Global Highways, November 30, 2018
"Cajun Food: A Way of Life in Lafayette"
Food is an intricate part of Cajun culture. Let's visit some of Lafayette's most fun eateries.

Walls, Kathleen. Weekender Extended, December 5, 2018
"Things to do in Lafayette, Louisiana"
Steeped in Cajun culture Lafayette Parish's blend of cultures make it unique.  


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