2018 Vermont, USA
Vermont: Cities, Mountains & Lakes 
September 2018

Vermont Cheese Plank sampling with fresh raspberries, basil and edible flowersVermont Cheese Plank © Dana Freeman

Vermont is best known for maple syrup, skiing, fall foliage, and Ben & Jerry’s. But, in the past decade agriculture and food as well as the craft beer movement have positioned Vermont as best in class for foodies and beer connoisseurs, with travelers from across the globe coming to Vermont to taste our award-winning double IPAs, cheeses, ice cream, and, well… just about everything is great in Vermont! Our journalists explored the largest city (Burlington) and smallest city (Vergennes), the largest lake - Lake Champlain, and the mountains (Stowe, Vermont’s Highest peak)! We met with some of the regions tastemakers who are making waves nationally, and learned about up-and-coming food and beverage trends. 

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IFWTWA Writers in Attendance:

Seven journalists with chef aprons at cooking class

Dana Freeman 
Carolyn Scott Hamilton 
Janice Nieder 
Jacki Ueng 
Chrissy Taylor 
Priscila Wills 
Lara Dunning 

Group of female Journalists in park in front of Vermont bay 


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Wills, Priscila. She's Cookin', October 17, 2018
"Cooking Academy: the Best French Onion Soup at The Essex, Vermont's Culinary Resort and Spa"
Color me curious when I heard about The Essex, Vermont's Culinary Resort and Spa in Burlington. This unique hotel restored the vestiges of a former culinary school and combines cooking classes led by trained chefs with culinary-themed guest rooms, gorgeous grounds, and a luxurious spa for a relaxing and memorable New England travel experience that truly feeds your spirit.

French Onion Soup with melted cheese on top Vermont Chef Adam's French Onion Soup © Priscila Willis

Nieder, Janice. Stark Insider, October 22, 2018
"Wanderlust: Three days of road-trippin’ foodie fun in Vermont, pt.1"
Vermont could be the poster child for organic, farm-to-table, seasonal, artisanal, SCRUMPTIOUS food. Before my recent foodie foray there I was aware that they led the way when it came to cheddar cheese and maple syrup but I had no idea that was just the tip of the romaine! The hills are alive with passionate ...

Nieder, Janice. Stark Insider, October 23, 2018
"Wanderlust: Three days of road-trippin’ foodie fun in Vermont, pt. 2
Shelburne Farms is the first farm I’ve ever visited that I actually felt a little under-dressed for. After exploring the stunningly gorgeous pastoral landscapes and historic buildings overlooking sparkling Lake Champlain, I decided that this was my kind of farming, particularly when I found out that the “farm” was originally a glamorous Gilded Age estate created by Eliza “Lila” Vanderbilt. 

Stowe Vermont Landscape There's No Place Like Stowe Vermont © Janet Ueng

Ueng, Janet. Bohemian Vagabond, October 29, 2018 
"There's No Place Like Stowe..."
There is something Oz-like about Stowe, a fantastical town chartered in 1763 that feels more Canadian than American. Environmentally friendly, clean town, farm-to-table food and local breweries. Stowe also has clean, crisp air with people who love and live for the outdoors.

Nieder, Janice. Honest Cookin', November 1, 2018 
"Exploring Vermont’s Farm Fresh Culinary Wonderland, pt. 1"
We all know that Vermont has great cheese, but that’s just the tip of it. Here’s a guide for what to eat and do in Vermont.

Vermont Fresh Produce Vermont Fresh Produce © Janice Nieder

Nieder, Janice. Honest Cookin', November 2, 2018 
"Exploring Vermont’s Farm Fresh Culinary Wonderland, pt. 2"
We all know that Vermont has great cheese, but that’s just the tip of it. Here’s a guide for what to eat and do in Vermont.

Wills, Priscila. She's Cookin', November 9, 2018
"Learning About Sustainability: A Day At Shelburne Farms in Vermont"
One of the absolutes of travel is that it is the best form of education and, at Vermont’s Shelburne Farms, guests and visitors are immersed in the land and all that it does to sustain our existence. Young and old alike learn about agriculture, animal husbandry, sustainability, and stewardship in the pastoral surroundings of historic Shelburne Farms. 

Scott-Hamilton, Carolyn. Healthy Voyager, January 21, 2019
"Vermont Vittles
Join Carolyn, The Healthy Voyager, as she makes her way around Vermont, tasting the best of the best!       

Basin Harbor Chocolate Vegan DessertBasin Harbor Chocolate Vegan Dessert © Carolyn Scott-Hamilton

Dunning, Lara. Trivago Magazine, February 4, 2019
"Four Vermont Hotels that al All About the Experience"
At these four Vermont hotels, you can do more than check off a bucket list, you can cook, play in Lake Champlain, soak in an aqua solarium and travel to mini-Austria.

Kids playing in Lake Champlain at Basin HarborKids playing in Lake Champlain at Basin Harbor © Lara Dunning

Dunning, Lara. Family Vacation Critic, February 21, 2019
10 All-American Summer Vacation Resorts"
Want a summer of fun that includes campfire cookouts, lake swims, and lawn games? These classic U.S. resorts encourage family time and discovering the country's diverse heritage.

Freeman,Dana. Dana Freeman Travels, June 3, 2019
Where to Eat Local in Vermont"
Farm-to-table isn’t just a movement in Vermont, it is a way of life. For a state that is small in size and population, Vermont produces an abundance of food. More than just maple syrup and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, the state has award-winning cheesemakers, craft brewers, distillers, chocolatiers, and farm fresh produce.

Green fresh charcuterie & conserva (tinned fish) lunch with sliced breadLunch at Dedalus Wine Shop, Market & Bar in Burlington, VT © Dana Freeman

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Vermont MicrobreweryVermont Microbrewery © Dana Freeman