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Dr. Diane Dobry has been writing profusely since childhood as a diarist, a newsletter editor, blogger, essayist, doctoral student and presenter, among other things. She is focusing, these days, on covering both domestic and European travel, food culture and wines. Having explored the Hungarian wine industry as an importer for three years, she is knowledgeable about their wine regions and varietals and the history of Hungary as a wine-producing country. Dr. Dobry and a Hungarian colleague team-taught an online international course about marketing and importing wines from Hungary, and she subsequently led an agricultural/viticultural tour to Hungary.

Her transition from education administrator to the faculty side of higher education led to Dobry teaching writing, public relations and marketing at the college level full time. She also taught English language and conversation as well as American Studies in Hungary for a year.

Recently, she served as a stringer for The Citrus County Chronicle in Florida, profiling volunteers, veterans, and agricultural business men and woman and writing about local travel. As a result, she was invited to serve as the primary writer on the Chamber of Commerce Directory of Businesses in the county.

Her website–—and social media (also Getting Hungary)on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram—focuses on the culture, food, drink, traditions, and travel opportunities in Hungary, in and outside of Budapest. Her Tumblr blog Diane’s Discoveries covers her domestic travel, mainly focusing on her explorations of Central Florida, train travel, and towns along the east coast.

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