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Dr. Michael Innis-Jiménez is an author and scholar who writes about the intersection of food, migration, and cultural identity. With an extensive academic background and a wealth of professional experiences, he published important works focused on the Mexican American community, most recently focusing on food history.

In addition to his existing publications, Innis-Jiménez is wrapping up a forthcoming book that further illuminates the cultural significance of ethnic Mexican food. “Made in Chicago: Mexican Food, Tourism, and Cultural Identity,” explores the ways in which Mexican restaurants, the food they served, and the people surrounding it were vital aspect of cultural tourism and identity in the city. Another project, titled “The Latino South: A History of Migration and Race in Pursuit of the American Dream,” will delve into the diverse foodways and cultural traditions of Latinx communities across the southern United States. As part of his focus on celebrating the role of ethnic foods and culinary tourism in American ethnic cultures, Innis-Jimenez will soon launch a site focused on ethnic food and the best culinary excursions,

His published works include books and chapters that explore the cultural dimensions of Latinx life and community in American history. Notably, his book “Steel Barrio: The Great Mexican Migration to South Chicago, 1915-1940,” published by New York University Press in 2013, examines the role of community and culture, including food and tourism, in shaping the experiences of Mexican communities in South Chicago during the early 20th century.

Recognized for his exceptional contributions, Dr. Innis-Jiménez has assumed influential editorial positions. He co-founded the Latinx Histories book series, published by the University of North Carolina Press, which aims to amplify Latinx voices and experiences in historical scholarship. He also serves on the editorial boards of esteemed publications such as Labor History Resource Project, Culinaria: Food for Thought, Food for Pleasure, Food for Change, from the University of Toronto Press and Teaching Labor’s Story. These editorial roles demonstrate his commitment to promoting Latinx history and culture.

Through his extensive research, teaching, and public humanities engagements, Dr. Michael Innis-Jiménez illuminates the vital role of food in shaping cultural identities and historical narratives. His contributions have expanded our understanding of American history and also fostered a greater appreciation for the rich tapestry of cultural traditions that permeate the nation’s culinary landscape.



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