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I’m a former corporate attorney who transformed my career through blogging, leaving my practice to serve as a sports business analyst for outlets such as Forbes, ESPN, Fox Sports and more. I’m currently a regular contributor with Forbes (sports business, including sports-related travel), POPSUGAR (travel), and Entrepreneur (personal branding). As a freelance writer, I’ve written for such outlets as AARP, Travelocity, Glamour, Men’s Health, Golf Digest, Woman’s Day, Parents, The Street, Miles Geek, Microshiner and more. I speak annually at Great Escape Publishing’s Ultimate Travel Writing Workshop, presenting day-long intensive workshops on creating and growing a social media presence as a travel writer. I also create other courses and content for them throughout the year. In 2018, I began hosting mastermind retreats for travel writers, partnering with CVBs to bring travel writers to their destination while also providing instruction and support to the writers. In 2019, I’ll be expanding this concept with my friend, and fellow travel writer, Noreen Kompanik.

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