Photo Contest


Winners Of the The International Food Wine Travel Writers Association 2021 Photo contest

Best in Show: Therese Iknoian

Historic Pemaquid Point Lighthouse Maine by Therese Iknoian


Beautiful Meal

1st: Priscilla Willis
2nd: Linda Milks
3rd: Jim Farber
Honorable Mention: Athena Lucero

Raw Food

1st: Debbie Stone
2nd: Brigitte Hasbron, Rose Palmer
3rd: Debi Landers
Honorable Mention: Debbra Dunning Brouillette, Todd Montgomery

People of Food

1st: Michael Hodgson
2nd: Debi Landers
3rd: Brigitte Hasbron
Honorable Mention: Rose Palmer



1st: Cori Solomon
2nd: Therese Iknoian
3rd: Lori Sweet
Honorable Mention: Marie Haase, Linda Milks


1st: Priscilla Willis
2nd: Todd Montgomery
3rd: Athena Lucero
Honorable Mention: Rose Palmer

Bottles / Glasses

1st: Janie Pace
2nd: Noreen Kompanik
3rd: Priscilla Willis
Honorable Mention: Cori Solomon



1st: Therese Iknoian
2nd: Rose Palmer
3rd: Jim Farber
Honorable Mention: Jennifer Coleman


1st: Maria Haase
2nd: Todd Montgomery
3rd: Sharon Kurtz
Honorable Mention: Michael Hodgson

People of Travel

1st: Rose Palmer
2nd: Debbie Stone
3rd: Lori Sweet
Honorable Mention: Bei Woodhouse