SoCal 2019 Regional Events 

Regional Membership Coordinator:
MJ Hong 

Itineraries & Applications

Attendance expectations for all Events

  • This opportunity is open to all members in good standing (new and old).
  • The organizational committee has assured the hosts our members will promote the event in return for their generosity by producing an article, or photos, or videos and social media posts.
  • Before you sign up, be sure you can attend. A lot of time and money has been put into this event by the sponsors and coordinators. Anyone who cancels is subject to a 6 month SoCal members only press trip suspension. 
  • RSVP to Event Coordinator ASAP. Registration closes when spots are filled. We welcome brand new members, our more experienced members, and members who live outside the SoCal area, but will be in the area at the time of the event. Please RSVP with your name and IFWTWA member profile url. Note: Your profile must be up to date and your membership dues current. 
  • Do NOT for ANY reason contact the host yourself. Doing so will result in suspension from media trips for 6 months.

 April 30–May 2, 2019: Palm Springs Press Trip - SAVE THE DATE!

Delectably Palm Springs:
Experience Authentic Palm Springs

Palm Springs Welcome

Play in stunning Palm Springs courtesy of Palm Springs Preferred Small Hotels. You'll gain an authentic insider's perspective via gorgeous boutique hotels, excellent restaurants, fun excursions and historical anecdotes. Because Palm Springs truly is like no place else.

Palm Springs Preferred Small Hotels is a collection of independently owned, boutique hotels, which are an essential part of this desert resort town's unique culture and economy. From quirky, to charming, mid-century modern to clothing optional, Palm Springs Preferred Small Hotels has the perfect stay. Follow the fun on Facebook and Instagram.


Please respond to Sue Montgomery who is spearheading this event and let her know if it is LIKELY you will attend.

Palm Springs would like a count estimate now so they can move forward with the planning process. A response of "yes" is not necessarily a firm commitment but an indication of serious interest.

We also hope you will put these dates in your calendar now and save them.

Registration closes when spots are filled. Looks like we will have up to 20 spots so there is a good chance if you apply, you will be attend. Sorry, no guests or spouses.

We welcome brand new members and our more experienced members.

In January, we will send out a formal press trip application. Our hosts will, of course, expect each participant to publish at least one article and also provide significant social media coverage.