Taos de la Tierra

2019 Pre-Conference Press Trip Media Placements

Five IFWTWA journalists participated in celebrating all that makes Taos so special.

The magic and indulgence of El Monte Sagrado Living Resort and Spa entranced attendees with its natural beauty and luxurious environment upon the group’s arrival. De La Tierra restaurant located at the resort was the perfect beginning to the trip. Starr Interiors grabbed the group’s attention with its vast array of beautiful textiles. A stop at the local chocolate maker, Chokola Bean to Bar, educated all on the steps to making perfect chocolate. Dinner at Stakeout on Outlaw Hill (where guests could ride horseback to dinner) provided a wonderful setting as well as a meal with local chefs and farmers. Cocktails followed at the boutique Lounge by Rolling Still Distillery.

A highlight for the group was seeing horno baking at Taos Pueblo led by Heritage Inspirations. Of course, Taos is known for its art, and the walking tour of many of the local galleries verified the wide variety available to art connoisseurs. Dinner was at Love Apple, home to local organic cooking set in what was once Placitas Chapel. Tango is big in this state, and a trip to Casa Gallina with PM Wines ended a memorable trip.

IFWTWA thanks our host for coordinating our stay.
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Farah, Mary. Along Comes Mary Blog, August 10, 2020
A Getaway to Taos, New Mexico

A Passionate Gateway to Taos
Strong is the New Beautiful © Mary Farah

Farah, Mary. Along Comes Mary Blog, April 11, 2020
Support Local: Taos, New Mexico

Starr Interiors in Taos
Some of the gorgeous pieces inside at Starr Interiors in Taos, New Mexico © Mary Farah

New Mexico’s eclectic community of passionate artists, collectors, and healers, Taos offers a haven for the open-minded and old souls. Having made it through for some of their thriving ski seasons, Taos, like many small and tight-knit communities, needs our help to stay afloat.

Milks, Linda. Toasting Food Wine & Travel, January 20, 2020
Explore the Rich Culture of Pueblo Taos, New Mexico

Taos Pueblo New Mexico
Explore the Rich Culture of Taos Pueblo, New Mexico

Taos Pueblo was admitted to the World Heritage Society in 1992 as one of the most significant historical cultural landmarks in the world. This was the place where we learned how to make bread in a horno oven.

Kompanik, Noreen. BuzzFeed, January 17, 2020
5 Ways To Tap Into The Treasures Of Taos In 2020

The Many Colors and Culture of Taos New Mexico
The Many Colors and Culture of Taos © 2019 Noreen Kompanik

Taos casts a lingering spell. A kaleidoscope of diverse cultures, ancient history, world-class art, amazing New Mexican cuisine is all set amid awe-inspiring landscapes. This is just a snippet of all that makes Taos so special. This fascinating city in New Mexico perfectly fits the state’s moniker “Land of Enchantment.”

Kompanik, Noreen. Travel Pulse, December 18, 2019
3 Magical Not-To-Be-Missed New Mexico Towns

Taos Pueblo
Taos Pueblo © 2019 Noreen Kompanik

From a plethora of outdoor activities to a thriving art scene and more, these New Mexico cities have something to offer every traveler.

Milks, Linda. Toasting Food Wine & Travel, December 8, 2019
A Luxurious and Tranquil Visit at El Monte Sagrado Resort in Taos, New Mexico

El Monte Sagrado Resort in Taos
Living Room at El Monte Sagrado Resort in Taos, New Mexico @ 2019 Linda Milks

Plan a destination getaway to the luxurious El Monte Sagrado in Taos, New Mexico.

Milks, Linda. Toasting Food Wine & Travel, December 8, 2019
For the Love of Chocolate at Chokola Bean to Bar in Taos

Stars and Bars
Kissam, Allan. FoodWineTravelChix.com, January 26, 2020 The ‘Stars and Bars’ once flew over Santa Fe

Brief on slavery and peonage in New Mexico and Confederate attempts to break off the area to the Pacific Ocean, resulting in their defeat at the Battle of Glorieta Pass near Santa Fe. Called the Gettysburg of the West.

Willis, Priscilla. She’s Cookin’, January 23, 2020
Experience Pueblo Culture at Native American-Owned Hotel Santa Fe

Chocolate Truffles at Chokola in Taos New Mexico
Chokola Chocolate Truffles © 2019 Linda Milks

Who knew that as part of the chocolate making process, the chocolate bean ferments just like wine. I thought I knew a lot about chocolate. After all, I have eaten and loved it all my life. I found out I knew little.

Kompanik, Noreen. CrochetGetaway.com, November 30, 2019
Tapestry of Life: The Ancient Art of Zapotec Weaving

Zapotec Weaving in Taos
Leah Sobol on the Flat Loom demonstrating Zapotec weaving @ 2019 Noreen Kompanik

Magnificent Taos, New Mexico has long been known as a mecca for artists and visionaries.Susanna Starr, founder of Starr Interiors, shares insights into the magnificent art and history of Zapotec weaving.