We’re a volunteer-run organization. Whatever gets done, gets done by volunteers who contribute their time and talent making our Association the resource-rich organization it is for the travel and hospitality industry. Volunteers become known in the industry from their visible roles promoting the interests of our members through volunteer work for the Association. There’s much you can do to help out. And by so doing, you’ll become known in the Association, online, and grow your professional network.

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Our Committee Chairs need your help!

AWARDS - Chair: Open

  • Excellence in Journalism Award 
    Committee members review self-nominated articles and vote for the best of the best.  Please see our Excellence in Journalism Award page for program details. 
  • Hospitality Education Scholarship
    Committee members solicit and review nominations then present to board for vote. Also, initiate and oversee various campaigns during the year to solicit voluntary contributions to enhance the amount of the award.  Please see our Hospitality Education Scholarship Award page for program details. 

BIG BLEND RADIO - Chair: Open (Linda Kissam, Acting)

This is one of our premiere member benefits. The person who takes this high profile, one-person committee on needs to be organized, love planning, has good follow-up skills and likes interacting with members. It is an excellent way to get to know members and learn more about IFWTWA.

This is a 12-month a year job. It requires approximately 2-hours per week. The coordinator is responsible for overseeing the Big Blend Radio member benefit opportunities for members which encompases 12 editoral & talk shows plus 18 radio-only appearances throughout the year. 

MEDIA TRIPS - Chair: Open (Linda Kissam, Acting)

This is high profile, highly treasured member benefit. This committee requires three members:  A domestic trips coordinator, an international trips coordinator, and a person to post upcoming trips & media placements on the website. This is our most intense committee. It can require up to 5-hours a week at its busiest times, although some weeks there will be as little as 1-hour per week. This position is best suited to those who are well organized, have good research skills, can handle several things at one time, have patience, a good sense of self, a sense of humor, flexible, and possess excellent people skills. 

  • Domestic Chair has a goal of securing a minimum of three (3) press trips a year

  • International Chair has a goal of at least one (1) trip a year  

  • Website Content Coordinator - Post trip announcements, itineraries and media placements

Some leads will come to Chairs, however the Chairs should be prepared to secure trips on their own. The person who takes on the responsibility of posting trips & articles will be trained to use our AMS website tool. One member of this committee may serve on the Board of Directors. There is training and mentoring available.

Contact Linda Kissam [email protected] for additional information and to volunteer for this position.

MEMBERSHIP - Chair: Cori Solomon

This program needs to be totally revised and updated. We are looking for someone who has up to 5-hours a week to spend on this committee, look at what has been done, consider Board recommendations, and then create a program that fits the ongoing needs of the organization. 

Goals include increasing membership in by a minimum of 5%; review and revise member benefits. Other duties include reviewing new applications, follow-up on non-member renewals, and managing the subcommittee: Regional Membership Coordinator (RMC) program. The Membership Chair works closely with our Administrative Director to vet and post new applications for Board review.  

The Membership Chair is generally a Board position and requires someone who is organized, enjoys interacting with members, has creative ideas about how to maintain current members and obtain new members.

  • Regional Membership Coordinators (RMC)
    The Membership Committee is also looking for a volunteer to coordinate the RMC Program, based on the SoCal Regional Press Trip model. The Chair will need to research where our population centers can support such a program, reach out to members in that area, secure a coordinator and follow up on a scheduled basis.

    Great way to meet fellow members and learn more about IFWTWA.

PUBLICATIONS - Chair: Christine Cutler

  • Press Pass Newsletter Editor 
    Editor sets monthly focus for contributors and solicits articles in accordance with established 12 PP categories. Coordinates & collects inputs by 15th of each month, reviews & edits as required. By 20th of each month, submits to website content manager for input into newsletter template. Reviews & edits final newsletter draft prior to the 28th. Time estimate 4-8 hours. Foregoing reflects best case scenarios with a well-functioning team of content creators thus more time may be required of the editor.

    PP Editor may choose to be trained to use our AMS website tool to create & publish monthly site article and newsletter email distribution; mentoring & training will be provided. Additional hours commitment required.

  • Food, Wine & Travel Magazine Assistant Editors
    Assist in the publication of IFWTWA's official magazine by performing various tasks such as proof-reading, editing, article layout, graphics, and production.

Contact Christine Cutler [email protected] for additional information and volunteer    

Professional Development - Chair: David Nershi

This committee is responsible for educating members on various subjects. Best suited to those who can coordinate training videos for publication on YouTube and can give input on seminars to be offered at our annual conferences. Expect to spend 1-5 hours a week on this program. Training and mentoring available from past chair. 

Contact David Nershi [email protected] for additional information and to volunteer.

Annual Conference - Chair: Chris Cutler

This committee is responsible for all aspects of out annual conferences including advertising, events, speakers, pre- and post- conference press trips, sponsor & marketplace exhibitor participation, promotional materials—you name it, this committee does it. Timely, results oriented commitment is essential. Volunteers are welcome in all stages of development and execution.

Contact Christine Cutler [email protected] for additional information and to volunteer.

Social Media - Chair: Tom Westerhof

Expertise and time to regularly post and grow IFWTWA's social media engagement on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter & YouTube. If you are an expert in one or more of these platforms, we need you! 

Contact committee chair Tom Westerhof [email protected] for additional information and to volunteer. 

Website Content

Help IFWTWA develop, update, and maintain our interactive website:

  • Blog - Submit your posts for placement on our public blog.
  • Members Only
    • Profile Specialist - Assist members to create a dynamite call-to-action profile
    • Social Community - Encourage participation; post and train
    • Forum Moderators - Monitor and encourage member participation

  • Members - Ensure website pages are regularly updated

Contact our Website Content Manager, Adrianne Morrison [email protected] to volunteer.

Board of Directors

Our most prestigious volunteer positions are those who shoulder the responsibility of the association's continued relevance in this ever changing world. IFWTWA members may self-nominate themselves to serve on the board of directors. Elections occur every two years. Minimum requirements follow. Please see IFWTWA Bylaws for details. 

  • Regular or Associate member in good standing for at least 24 months preceding the election
  • Qualified through an audit within one (1) year before applying for the position
  • Actively served a minimum of six (6) months on a Committee or services as the Board deems appropriate
  • Agree to Board of Directors Expectations agreement

IFWTWA members who enjoy leadership roles and have the time and skills required to bring their vision to fruition are encouraged to self-nominate for a seat on the Board. Once installed, officers are selected, annual goals identified, and committees formed to execute IFWTWA's charter and deliver member benefits.

Our next Board of Directors nomination period begins July 2020. See details here. 

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